Hedge Fund Activism and Corporate Governance

I’ve completed a new term paper project for my Business Law 5330 course at the University of Texas at Arlington.

The purpose of the paper is to examine the phenomenon called Hedge Fund Activism and its effect on the governance of public corporations in the United States.

Though it isn’t the most thorough and complete paper I have written (I only had about two weeks to focus on the research and drafting), the material seemed interesting enough to share publicly. It’s a business and legal topic that is current and fast-changing, and should be worth a future research project (if I ever have the time).

Update: the complete paper is now available on Social Sciences Research Network.

This paper will be posted on my blog in six parts corresponding with the course of my research:

Part 1 – What is Hedge Fund Activism?

Part 2 – Public Policy Implications of Hedge Fund Activism

Part 3 – How Activists Use the Corporate Elections Process

Part 4 – Recent Business Law Case: CSX Corporation v. Children’s Investment Fund

Part 5 – Recent Business Law Case: Third Point v. Ruprecht

Part 6 – Conclusion: How Corporations and Regulators Can Respond


Next: What is Hedge Fund Activism?

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