I’m a financial executive and Certified Public Accountant with extensive experience in the retail industry. I hold Master’s degrees in Accounting and Business Administration.

My native language is English (U.S.) and I’ve learned to read and write fairly well in French (while continuing to work on my speaking/listening skills).

While working on my first Master’s Degree at the University of Texas at Arlington, I adopted the blog name “DrChiffres”. It’s a shorthand reference to a couple of things about me:

  • “Dr” refers to my initials “Daniel Reynolds” and to my love of lifelong learning [1]
  • “Chiffres” refers to my skill with numbers and to my love of French language and culture [2]

My outside interests include travel, music, fitness and sports.

[1] I’m not a Ph.D. and I’m in awe of those who show the intellect, discipline and determination to earn such an honor.

[2] “Chiffres” is the French word for “numbers” (as used in accounting, for example)

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